How will I be watching the Super Bowl this Sunday?

How will I be watching the Super Bowl this Sunday?   With knitting in hand… and I will probably only peek out of one eye to see the score every so often.  I will be busy weaving in ends on two projects, then blocking those two plus two other projects…and then I will be packaging them up to mail away tomorrow… when I will probably read reviews about the commercials aired during the big game today. And most likely,  I will  re-watch any and all of the ads that have dogs in them…. and forget to go to the post office till right before closing time.

Jammer Hat

Oh knitting, how I have missed you so!

My daughters are really into junior roller derby, so when one of their fellow derby girl friends invited them to her birthday, I decided it was time to get out the needles and yarn and whip up a jammer hat … a sparkly jammer hat at that.

Got the recipe from the book Knockdown Knits, though I used a different chart for the star from the pattern called “Jammer Beanie” which you can download for free if you are a Ravelry user.  The star from Knockdown Knits was a little too squatty looking, hence the substitution. The yarn I used is called Enchantress by Yarn Bee from Hobby Lobby.  It is kind of a cool yarn, with sequins and a bit of stretchiness.

Roll on, knit on!!!  (But you might not want to do both at the same time, though that would be pretty badass!)