do the hokeh bokeh

Yes, yes, yes…. I know shaped bokeh is a little hokey, but I really don’t care… cause I think it is fun and cute. I bought a 50 mm 1.4 lens way back in October and have wanted to experiment with making shaped bokeh filters ever since… well, October led to all the following months and finally, at the end of January, I  made a lens filter with several interchangeable fun shapes.  I waited till our Christmas tree was very very dead and brittle so as to add a little more excitement to the project… by the time I did this experiment, the tree was so dead that it was dangerous to plug the lights in … (fire hazard-a-rama) but everything was fine and once I finished with the pictures, my husband dismantled the dead tree and left it for the yard waste service… we were all a little sad to see it go.

When I first read about shaped bokeh and saw it used in some photographs, I read as many blogs as I could find on how to make a shaped filter… I followed a little of a lot of the suggestions and came up with what worked for me… for one thing, I have to admit here a couple of my obsessions… one is with decorative paper punches. I have an array of them even though I have never been a “scrapbooker”… I tend to snatch them up when they go on sale at craft stores. I just love them, even though they are rarely used… so you can imagine my giddiness when I was able to bust out the collection!!! I used them all… the heart, the star, the snowflake(s), the deer, the winnie-the-pooh and piglet, the man in the moon… oh what joy!  I also want to mention that in a lot of the tutorials they suggest using a shape about the size of a dime… but I had tremendous luck with shapes as large as 3mm (an inch and 1/4th) across!!

My other obsession is with light up plastic “blow molds”… I have a collection that would put most hoarders to shame. I love them. I picked my gnome, toy soldier and “happiness is…” angel from 1972 to be the foreground objects to focus on in order to get the bokeh filter to do its thing!!!

Following are some photos of my results, along with some pictures of the filter and lens cap I made… plus links to tutorials that I used to make mine.


How About Orange



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