My son just made fun of me for using a notebook to write down my blog posts. He pointed out that writing it all out ahead of time instead of just posting  kind of defeats the purpose of my blog… it squelches the spontaneous, makes it too thought out… etc. I argued with him and defended my little notebook of “posts” but then realized he was right….  My posts are still in my notebook…none of them have made it out of there and onto my blog since October. So forget the notebook approach, I am just gonna start posting.

It’s Today!!

The day I have been waiting for (getting furiously ready for) is finally here!  Hello Seattle! Tune in for Exploring the Light With Rick Sammon … you can watch it for free for the next three days right there on your computer (in your p.j.’s) …or order the workshop for download later at a discount now so you can watch it later (in your sweats).  All of the CreativeLIVE courses I have watched have been awesome… and I can’t wait to be a part of the action.

See you on the web soon!! (like in an hour)!

Your pal,




Himsmostpretty is so excited that I am going to Seattle to be a part of the CreativeLIVE Weekend with Rick Sammon.  Hims has been readings up on hims favorite Rick Sammon books, Face to Face and Digital Wedding Photography SecretsHims is a little jealous that I am not taking hims with me, but hims will be here answering emails, chewings up post-it notes, and watchings the workshop live on my computer.

Betse… Fiddler and Photographer

I hate pictures of myself. ‘nuf said. Then my friend Betse Ellis… (yes, people… the bad ass fiddle playin’ Betse that we all know and love and scratch and claw to see whenever she happens to be in town)… well Betse came along with her dang I-phone and Instagrammed me.  DAng.  I love the pictures she made… and I have seen her other Instagrams and daNG… they are lovely.  Apparently this phenomenal fiddler (and people, I am not exaggerating… she burns down the house when she plays) is also talented with her eye. I am happy to have been on the lens side of her…this time! Thanks Betse!

…and when and if you get the chance to see Betse with her band, The Wilders …or Betse on her own … do yourself a favor and go. I guarantee you will never be the same!

New Office Manager (Updated)

Office Manager Tank

Tank... Office Manager for Taffyfoto


Himsmostpretty is my new office manager. Now that I have decided to start my own photography business, hims has been very helpful, mostly chewing up post-it-notes that have made their way to the ground. (If I haven’t returned your call, this may be why.)

I know I have blogged this news already over on my (mostly) knitting blog, Taffyyarn,  so forgive me, reader(s), for repeating… but it is exciting to announce that I am starting a photography business and Tank is my office manager.   I am still learning lots about “the biz” and I have my dear friends, Shari Hartbauer and Brud Jones  at Digital Labrador to thank for getting me on the right track and helping me when I get stuck.  They have been amazing!

Of course, Tank has been supportive as well… Hims brings me knitting when I get too overwhelmed and need a break.

tank w yarn
Tank… keepin’ it real.

Tank will be making an announcement when the website for Taffyfoto is up and running.  Such a hard-working pretty pooch!